With decades of experience in sustainable construction and innovation, Green Spectrum offer guidance and forward-thinking advice for eco-based builds, both in the corporate and domestic markets. Borrowing language from architectural footprints, the identity developed represents Green Spectrum as a consultant for the sustainable building industry. The design concept serves as a flexible and recognisable branding tool for use across all communication channels.

Identity design - Corporate literature - Signage


Tucked away in the beautiful grounds of Holt Hall, a team of enthusiastic organisers run an annual music festival for VW owners and their families. Their brief was simple: design a logo to go on anything and everything and a poster to promote it all. At a time when VW camper vans were gaining popularity, the logo took on its iconic shape - and like a kid with a new toy, we had some fun. The introduction of a roof rack gave the logo the capacity to change and adapt for future events and its ability to carry information became the basis for the advertising. The idea allowed the logo to feature boldly on the poster and ultimately allowing it to be the core feature of the design.

“When we approached The Creative Armoury for an identity it soon became obvious this would be the partnership we were looking for and all expectations were exceeded. In particular the final logo has proven to be a very powerful and playful mark, giving us and the thousands of people who attend each year something to be proud of.”

Paul Jones - Founder

Identity design - Merchandise - Advertising


An unusual mix of nail polish and key cutting gave this business a unique point of difference, but we were careful not to alienate the brand from its existing clientele. The visual language of keys presented us with an inventive way of representing Karen herself. After a visit to the store, our auditory experience gave us the idea of using sound as an extension of the brand's visual communication.

Identity design - Stationery


Having remained untouched for nearly 18 years it was finally time for this mighty brand to re-engage with a new generation of consumers. The brief was slate clean and wide open but it felt too reckless to totally disregard the brand's most iconic equity. Taking inspiration from an artistic movement inherently drenched in colour the rainbow was given a new lease of life. Illustrative characters were created that would interact with it on pack in an imaginative way. The final solution was dynamic and versatile, future proofing the brand's ability to evolve and adapt with any new emerging trend or styles.

Packaging and identity design - Illustration


We have decades of illustration experience and a diverse set of styles on offer. Our in-house team’s love of storytelling stretches from children's book illustrations to corporate communication. We understand how illustration can play an intrinsic role in establishing a unique tone of voice for any business. By working closely with you, we’ll identify a style that best suits your brand, helping you to engage with your target audience. We’ll then set to work, generating concepts that address your core messages. Then, with pen, brush or stylus, we’ll deliver artwork ranging from artistic expression through to photorealistic 3D visualisations.

Books - Corporate communication - Advertising - Packaging - Concept design - Visualisation - Product - Private commissions


As Britain’s number one supplier of performance BMW and Mini parts, Vecchio Engineering needed a new look and feel to stay ahead of its competitors. We wanted to create a brand identity that evoked the high-end feel of a luxury car manufacturer, so we came up with an innovative solution. We abbreviated the name into a monogram, creating an iconic logo design that could be crafted into three-dimensional form. With a strong new badge to feature on its packaging, we developed a complimentary brand identity and style, which would illustrate each particular product while conveying the company’s core values of quality, precision and speed.

“Working with the team at The Creative Armoury has been absolutely fantastic and has given us the opportunity to increase our presence in the market place. The material provided by them captures exactly the essence and enthusiasm of our company and brand."

Leonardo Vecchio - Managing director

Identity design - Stationery - Packaging - Illustration


White Noise is the largest VW and music festival on Norfolk’s events calendar. From the outset, we knew we had to create an identity that would turn an unknown event into an instantly recognisable brand. We focused on a bold, typographic solution, so that the logo could speak for itself, using calligraphic expressions to represent the spontaneity and energy of a festival. The final logo design also drew inspiration from the hip-hop scene, something which V-dubbing has been intrinsically part of ever since the Beastie Boys started wearing the VW badge.

Identity design - Merchandise


First impressions count and it is crucial that your business stands out from the crowd. Whether you are after a small tweak to an existing logo or a brand change we can help you to improve and refine your businesses identity and help to further set you apart from your competitors.


Information can, when you have a great deal to say, be difficult to communicate - especially when time isn’t on your side. Short movies can help overcome these issues in a way that’s convenient for you and your target audience. Illustrative execution and inventive storytelling will allow you to grab the viewer's attention and capture their imagination. It’ll also bring your brand to life, developing your corporate tone of voice in a dynamic and engaging way.

Story boarding - Illustration - Animation - Audio sourcing and direction

GYB Services
We were approached by PR and design agency TMS media to produce an animated motion graphic to help bring to life the clients growing list of services.

British Pharmacpoeia
Our Client Williams Lea required an animation as a companion to the re-launch of the British Pharmacpoeia website. The task in hand was to illustrate the many new features that had been added to the website's functionality.